Foundations of Community Development (FCD)

How do we move a community from despair to hope? It all begins with relationships. Poverty is more than an absence of income; it involves a whole way of thinking about the world, other people and even oneself. The Foundations in Community Development School is designed to give an overall view of the issues involved in helping communities (both rural and urban) to grow and be transformed towards God's intentions. The foundation is a biblical understanding of the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment, and what steps must be taken towards solving them. In an age of mounting world crisis, where the top-down intervention of government and global organizations has failed to bring about lasting development, Christians have a vital role to play in showing that development is about changing society by reflecting God's heart. The key is people—changing hearts and minds.



-Build Bio-sand Water Filter project.

- Rocket stove.

- Rain Catchment System.

- Sewing Project for village people.

- Health Care seminar and Medical Camp

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In order to participate in any training school in Youth With A Mission it is required that you first complete our Discipleship Training School.